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Suggested Problems. Data decompression. 56 Solvers. Lychrel Number Test (Inspired by Project Euler Problem 55) 63 Solvers. Magic is simple (for beginners) 3902 Solvers. Right Triangle Side Lengths (Inspired by Project Euler Problem 39) 828 Solvers. Hermite Polynomials. 67 Solvers. More from this Author 32. Code breaker, Part III: Operation ...

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Anyone for tennis (and tennis and tennis...)? Nicolas Mahut (left, image Bruno Girin) and John Isner (right, image Charlie Cowens ). As the Wimbledon 2011 Championships hove into view, memories will be reawakened of the match of epic proportions that took place last year between the American John Isner and the Frenchman Nicolas Mahut.

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In his 1989 book Game, Set and Math, British mathematician Ian Stewart used the mathematics of Markov chains to analyse a model tennis match. He found that if one player has probability p of winning any given point (which means their opponent has probability 1−p of winning any given point), then the probability that that player would win any ...

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Related activities. Our Key Stage 4 and 5 activity Any Win for Tennis? encourages investigation of the probabilities of winning at tennis.. This article is also published on Plus, our free online mathematics magazine: register on Plus to download pdf copies of this and hundreds of other articles on all aspects of mathematics.

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Solution to Anyone for tennis? Ali, Luke, Holly and Zoe play tennis. Two boys can play. Ben won’t play if Luke plays. So the two boys must be Ali and Ben, or Ali and Luke. Ali will play only if Holly plays. Holly won’t play with Ben. So the two boys are Ali and Luke. Luke will play only if Zoe plays. So the two girls are Holly and Zoe.

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Tennis teasers. Submitted by Marianne on July 15, 2017. With Wimbledon building up to its grand finale, we revisit the maths of tennis, to fill those gaps between matches and the tennis vacuum that will ensure after tomorrow. Enjoy!

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It is very hard to justify most of the math curriculum based on the need to be able to do the math in actual jobs. Since the advent of high end handheld calculators in the 1980’s the need to do much of the math is rare. Take working out integrals, there anyone who needed it in a job for the last 200 years would have a reference book.

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Anyone for tennis? Two boys and two girls can play tennis. Ali said: ‘I will only play if Holly plays.’ Holly said: ‘I won’t play if Ben is playing.’ Ben said: ‘I won’t play if Luke or Laura plays.’ Luke said: ‘I will only play if Zoe plays.’ Zoe said: ‘I don’t mind who I play with.’

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Solutions to Puzzles and Problems for Years 5 and 6 53. Square it up For example: 54. Joins Using four numbers: the highest score is 19 + 15 + 17 + 18 = 69 the lowest score is 6 + 5 + 2 + 17 = 30 Using five numbers: the highest score is 20 + 18 + 13 + 17 + 18 = 86 the lowest score is 6 + 18 + 2 + 5 + 6 = 37 Using five numbers and diagonal joins: