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Basketball Hoop Height for 4, 5, 6, and 7-year-old Kids. American Sport Education Program (ASEP) officially recommends that you start with a 6 to 7 feet tall basketball hoop. Our suggestion would be to stick with 6 feet. When they are this young, the rim height needs to allow them to gain control over the basketball and themselves.

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The height of a basketball hoop can vary depending on what level you are playing at. A regulation NBA hoop stands 10 feet, 6 inches high. While an NCAA college hoops stand 9 feet, 3 inches high, for children playing in elementary school, the average height for their hoops is 8 feet.

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Basketball Hoop Height by Age. Kids should ideally shoot hoops at a height of 7ft height or lower to make the game easy and enjoyable. However, this height increases as the age go up. The height for teenagers should be 8ft or 9ft, depending upon their strength and height. The basketball hoop height by age is as follows;

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Age 5 To 7 (Kindergarten To 2nd Grade): 6 – 7 Feet. For children in this age group, use the lowest setting available on the basketball hoop which should be around 6 – 7 feet. The main goal is to let the kid accustom to the sport so no need to do anything complex yet. Age 8 To 9 (3rd Grade To 4th Grade): 8 Feet.

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Basketball Hoop Height For Every Age. Table of Contents. Children Through 2nd Grade: 6-7 Feet. Children Through 4th Grade: 8 Feet. Children Through 5th Grade: 9 Feet. Children Through 6th Grade: 10 Feet. Photo Credit: www.ccaleague.org. Once you have purchased a basketball hoop for your home it is time to put it to good use.

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The railing on this track was exactly 10 feet high and where Naismith mounted peach baskets – which later evolved into basketball hoops – on the track railing. To this day, basketball hoops are still 10 feet high. This is among the oldest unchanged rules in basketball.

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Also, seeing the ball go through the hoop, which is much more likely to happen on a shorter rim, adds confidence and makes the game more fun, no matter your age. The recommended heights for basketball goals are the same for male and female. For professional basketball all the way down to 6th grade the goal is 10-feet.

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For kids who are 12 years old or older, a regular rim might be too high to play with. But since these kids are growing and constantly improving their skills on the court, the basketball hoop size for kids is 10 feet.