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International Lottery Winners from India

Here’s a countdown of the biggest international lottery winners from India. 10. C.J. - ₹26.5 lakh. A winner from India, who identified himself only by his initials, C.J., won €32,161 (₹26.5 lakh) on the Austria Lotto in November 2018. He successfully guessed 5 of the 6 numbers to win the second-place prize. How did he choose the numbers? C.J. told the lottery website that they were completely random.

Top 11 List of International Lottery Winners From India ...

22-year-old Sandeep who is referred to as “Sunny” by friends and family is one of the youngest International lottery winners from India and one of the biggest, too. He also has one of the best stories behind his success – almost too good to be true.

Top 11 international online lottery winners from India

Sandeep Singh, who goes by the nickname "Sunny" among his friends and family, is India's one of the most prominent international lottery winners. He is perhaps one of the youngest Indian overseas lottery winners, and as well as most richest international lottery champion.

Top 6 List of International Lottery Winners From India ...

Here, our team possess a list of International Lottery Winners from India, which you may comply with to look at the lottery winners! 1) Sandeep Singh. A 22 years of ages, youthful Indian young boy called Sandeep Singh, likewise referred to as Sunny through his adored ones, received an opportunity to gain one of the largest lottery games on earth.

5 Famous International Lottery Winners from India 🥇

Among the international lottery winners from India, Sandeep Singh is perhaps the youngest. The story of this 22-year-old Best Buy employee is rather amusing. A dumped boyfriend becoming a millionaire overnight might sound like the perfect Bollywood potboiler. But, for Mr. Singh, this is his life story.

Top 6 List of International Lottery Winners From India

Ushakiran Patel has been another international lottery winner from India who got a chance to win a $1 million lottery in US Powerball. She is a 62-year-old woman who matched five random numbers in 2018 and hit the jackpot. Her luck was on her side as she wasn’t a regular player, yet she managed to get such a handsome amount.

List of 6 Lucky International Lottery Winners From India ...

Ushakiran Patel was yet another Indian to bag a whopping $1 million in the International US Powerball lottery. She was not one of the many lottery enthusiasts obsessing over buying lottery tickets. Yet, the 62-year old retiree made it to the big win in March 2018, matching the following five numbers: 06-13-19-36-51.

Indian Lottery Winners (Who are they and how did they win?)

International Lottery Winners from India. As mentioned the most rewarding lotteries to win are the worldwide lotto games. The jackpots and secondary prizes are so much bigger than government lotteries it’s useless to even compare them.