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Tennis Wrist Pain: Why Your Wrist Hurts And What To Do About ...

Grip size is another frequent culprit in tennis-related wrist injuries, mostly due to overuse. If the grip is too large for a player’s hand, the racket handle is held more firmly, which, once again, causes unnecessary strain onto the arm’s ligaments.

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Excessive motion during the stroke. Wrist pain can occur when the player’s racket’s grip size is incorrect, or the racket strings are fastened too tight. These two factors increase the force applied to the body. In addition to improper equipment, excessive motion can also play a role in wrist pain while playing tennis.

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The Effects of Grip Size on Tennis Performance and Injury ...

However a grip size that is too small will mean that a tennis player must grip the racket harder to generate the force necessary to stabilise the racket head on impact with the ball, this increased effort means a greater workload is placed on the muscles around the wrist and elbow which can sometimes lead to overuse injuries.

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There are six main components to a tennis racket that we will look at here: weight, grip size, head size, balance, stiffness, and strings. In general, if your tennis racket is the cause of your wrist pain, you need one that is more forgiving and takes away some of the impact of hitting the ball, so as to reduce the impact toward your body. Weight. Heavier tennis rackets are more stable and therefore absorb more shock.

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Grip size, string types, and string tension can all lead to wrist injuries in players if not tailored appropriately to the individual. Grip size can determine the amount of force the player needs to hold the racquet through the stroke. Too much strength can restrict motion in the wrist and lead to injury.

The Effects of Grip Size on Tennis Performance and Injury

Larger grip sizes are better used for shots that require more force, like a smash, but will limit the manoeuvrability of the wrist. This means you will absorb more shock, and will have less control over the ball, which puts more pressure on the muscles & tendons in your wrist & elbow.