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Girls Volleyball Stat Definitions. Total number of sets played. Aces / Games Played The average number of aces acquired during a game over the season. The ace percentage is the total aces divided by the total service attempts. Ace Percentage is only counted when/if serve attempts are recorded. Total number of service attempts for the game (season).

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Making Volleyball Statistics Simple Keeping Statistics: Attacks What is hitting percentage? * Answer: (kills –errors)/total attacks: (K-E / TA) * Note that if a player has more errors than kills, this will be a negative number * Example: Sarah Smith has 20 kills, 5 errors and 60 total attacks. Her hitting percentage would be .250

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Another statistic that is often recorded in regards to blocking is whether it was a solo block or assist block. A solo block is when one player blocks the ball on their own in a 1v1 situation. An assist block is when two players jump and block the ball together, now when I say together I don’t necessarily mean they both got a touch on the ball when blocking, I simply mean they both jumped to block the ball.

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Discover the current NCAA Division I Women's Volleyball leaders in every stats category, as well as historic leaders.

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Block assists are awarded if two or more players go up for the block, even if only one makes contact with the ... often not an accurate way to maintain volleyball stats.

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Blocking statistics worksheet. The Art of Coaching Volleyball. Follow.

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Blocking is a vital skill to master in Volleyball, not only can it win you points but it can also greatly improve your teams defence Volleyball is a fast paced action packed game and generally if you leave an attacking player with an open net and no blocker is almost…

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Most reports count each solo block as “1” block and block assists as “0.5“ blocks. As I said, I like to track touches on the ball too, that way I personally know who is getting touches but doesn’t quite have it figured out yet.

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Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap's system Volleyball Stat Sheets, and the formula used to calculate each stat: "ATHLETE" STAT SHEET: “ATTACK”: - K = Kills By Athlete (Simple count; # of Kills) - K% = Kill Percentage By Athlete (Kills By Athlete / Attacks By Athlete ) - TA = Attacks By Athlete (Simple count; # of Attacks)